Which Animals Do And Do Not Fart? Scientists Give Us The Answer In A #DoesItFart Spreadsheet

What started out as an innocent tweet, ended up being the “Does It Fart” spreadsheet; an online database of all the animals in the world who do or don’t fart.

Daniella Rabaiotti, a Ph.D student at the Zoological Society of London, was asked by a family member if snakes fart. Because she didn’t know the answer, she tweeted David Steen, an ecologist at Auburn University in Alabama who replied:

Soon after, by using the #DoesItFart hashtag, biologists across Twitter started tweeting about the animals they were studying and whether they are farting or not.

And that’s when the idea occurred. Ph.D candidate Nicholas Caruso, decided to add all the scientists’ responses in one shared Google spreadsheet:

* Click on the link above or here to open the “Does It Fart” spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet has 81 entries already, and the #DoesItFart hashtag some awesome information. For example, here’s what University of Kent evolutionary anthropology Ph.D candidate Adriana Lowe wrote when asked if chimpanzees fart:

Chimpanzees fart so loud and frequent we locate them in forest occasionally by following the farts.

Watching this database grow is entertaining (to say the least) and it’s a great way for the public to engage with scientists.

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