Cube Riddle: Can You Crack The Riddle Astronauts Are Asked To Solve Before Travelling To Space?

You may be dreaming about becoming an astronaut since you were a child, but would you able to pass the test if you were asked to?

One of England’s most famous astronauts, Tim Peake, uploaded in his personal Facebook page a riddle that he had to answer during his selection process. The riddle is part of his book “Ask An Astronaut” and reads as follows:

“Imagine that you are facing a cube. This cube can roll to the left, right, forward (towards you) of backwards (away from you). There is a dot on the bottom of the cube. Now in your mind, roll the cube: forward, left, left, forward, right, backwards, right. Where’s the dot?” (the article continues after the ad)

Since it was uploaded, Facebook users started posting their answers in the comment section and, as it usually happens in these cases, the answers differ to a great extent.

So, what’s your answer to this interesting riddle?


Peake revealed the answer the following day: “I loved reading all your answers…and congratulations to all those who said it ended up on the bottom of the cube!”

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Photo: Tim Peake / Facebook
Sources: Tim Peake / Ask An Astronaut

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