The Incredible Story Of Why B.B. King Was Naming All His Guitars “Lucille”

B.B. King was married twice but none of his wives or any other of his romances was named Lucille. So why the blues legend was naming all of his guitars with this very name? 

Yes, the guitars were named after a woman named Lucille but she was not a woman B.B. King has ever met. Here’s the surprising story behind the name.

In 1949, B.B. King was playing at a dance hall in Twist, Arkansas. While he was performing, the hall suddenly caught on fire and it was immediately evacuated. But, while exiting the hall, B.B. King realized that his guitar was still on stage. Without a second thought, he re-entered the burning music hall and managed to save his favorite $30 Gibson ES-335 guitar. (the article continues after the ad)

Later on, the King learned that the fire was started when the two men who were fighting, knocked over a burning barrel of kerosene. Their fight was over a woman named Lucille. That’s why B.B. King was naming every guitar he owned “Lucille” as a reminder of the event.

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