The Funny Reason Why Benjamin Franklin Wasn’t Allowed To Write The Declaration Of Independence

He may be one the Founding Father of the United States of America, but, Benjamin Franklin was forbidden from writing the Declaration Of Independence because people were afraid that he would sneak in bad jokes!

Franklin was kind of a prankster and he was known for putting subtle jokes in many of his papers. According to Ormand Seavey, editor of Oxford’s edition of Ben Franklin’s autobiography, this was the reason why Benjamin Franklin didn’t write the Declaration of Independence:

When they were deciding who would write it, Jefferson was chosen over the more qualified and respected Benjamin Franklin, as some people feared that Franklin would embed humour and satire in it that wouldn’t actually be recognized, until it was too late to change. Knowing that this document would likely be examined closely by all the nations of the world at the time, they chose to avoid the risk and had Jefferson write it instead.

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