Why Is There A Best Man At A Wedding?

It’s one of those things we tend to overlook, but have you ever wondered why is there a best man at a wedding? How did this tradition start?

Well, as it turns out, the actual origin can be traced back to Medieval, a time when men visited nearby villages to find a woman to marry.

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In days of old, it was preferable and expected for young men to marry women from their local community. However, when supply was short, the grooms-to-be had to visit neighboring villages in order to seek out and find their future wives. Being a stranger in a “foreign land” though, meant that it was common for young men to encounter heavy resistance from the girl’s other suitors or her family and close relatives.

To help overcome these problems, a young man would take with him a faithful and strong friend whose job was to fend off the attackers and stand guard next to the couple during the wedding. The friend became known as the grooms’ “best man” and that’s how the tradition started.

And now you know!

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