The Guy Who Won The Lottery Twice – The Second Time He Was On Camera

Here’s the story of Bill Morgan; the man who was clinically dead for 14 days and came back to win the lottery twice!

In 1999, Australian Bill Morgan was a truck driver who got in a pretty bad accident that let him in coma. After 12 days and despite doctors giving him zero chance of surviving, he miraculously woke up and was, shockingly, completely fine!

Feeling lucky for surviving, he went on and bought a scratch lottery ticket. The result? He won a AUD$17,000 car (today around AUD$26,000 or US$18,000). Normally winning a car wouldn’t have made it to the news but, because of Morgan’s accident story, Channel 9 decided to do a feature on the man who was ‘clinically dead and came back to win the lottery’. (the article continues after the ad)

And so they did.

While filming, they asked him to buy a lottery ticket so they could re-enact the winning scratch. He happily obliged and started scratching the ticket on camera. But suddenly he stopped. He looked at the camera, and said “I just won $250,000.  I’m not joking”!

You see, Morgan had just won the lottery again, this time the jackpot amount of AUD$250,000 (today about AUD$375,000 or US$270,000)!

Here’s the video:

Unbelievable indeed!

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Photo from video footage: Channel 9 Australia

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