The Real Reason Why Blue Smarties Disappeared For Three Years

NOTE: This article refers to Smarties, the sugar-coated chocolate confectionery as produced in the UK and not Smarties, the tablet sweet that’s been sold in the US.

For almost three years, from early 2006 till mid-2008, blue smarties were nowhere to be found – they were replaced with white ones. Soon enough, people started developing their own theories as to why Nestlé stopped producing them. Surprisingly the most dominant claim was that blue smarties were removed for making kids hyper. Other people claimed that they were banned due to their toxicity levels.

So, what was it? Why blue smarties were removed from circulation? (the article continues after the ad)

The truth is that the distinctive blue Smarties chocolate confectionaries were not removed for any of these reasons. In 2006, Nestlé decided to remove artificial coloring from their sweets. The problem was that, even though they found a way to replicate and produce all the other colors by using natural alternatives, blue was proven to be more than a challenge.

In fact, it took them three years but they eventually found a way to extract the blue coloring. The color comes from a seaweed called Spirulina. Due to this solution, blue Smarties are back and just like the rest of the range, free of artificial colors and flavors.

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Photo: WikimediaPetr Kratochvil / PublicDomainPictures
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