Why Do British Pubs Have Weird Names Such As The Cat & Fiddle And My Father’s Moustache?

The Cat & Fiddle, My Father’s Moustache, The King’s Head, The Land and Circle, The Jolly Taxpayer, The Quiet Woman and the list goes on and on. English pubs have the most weird names in the world. But have you ever wondered how those names came to be?

Here’s the interesting story.

Back in a time when most people were still illiterate, public meeting houses’ (pubs) owners used to identify their pubs by having a sign that featured a picture so people who couldn’t read, would still be able to find the pub they were seeking. Because it wasn’t easy to illustrate names such John’s Pub or McAllister’s Inn, pub owners chose pictures like The Golden Dove, the Horseshoe, Three Compasses etc, which at the end, defined the name of the pub. And that is the reason why British pubs have these long and weird names. 

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