Which Is The Best Way To Shuffle A Deck Of Cards?

When it comes to deck shuffling, there are three known methods: the overhand shuffle, the riffle shuffle and the “smoosh” shuffle. But which one is the best in randomizing a deck of cards?

Let’s find out.

1. Overhand shuffle

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Let’s start with the worst method of shuffling cards; the overhand shuffle. It’s the one that you take a group of cards from the bottom of the deck and place them either on top or between the remaining deck. You might remember when we again talked about this in the This Is How Many Times You Must Shuffle A Deck Of Cards In Order To Get A Random Result. Well, this is the worst method of shuffling cards as it takes around 10,000 overhand shuffles to fully randomize a deck of cards.

2. Riffle shuffle

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Riffle shuffle, not only is easy to learn and master, it’s the most efficient method. Riffle shuffle is the one that you divide the deck in half, holding a half in each hand with the thumbs inward and then releasing the cards one by one so the two parts are mixed together. As Persi Diaconis proved in 1992, you only need a total of 7 riffle shuffles in order to randomize the deck. (the article continues after the ad)

3. Smoush Shuffle

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The third way of shuffling a deck of cards may not be fancy, but it’s also quite efficient. The “smoosh” shuffle is when you take the deck of cards, lay them all upside and randomly mix them by swirling them with your hands. To fully randomise a deck a cards, just do it for 1 minute and you are set to go for a fair game.

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