Who Owns All (But 2) Pandas In The World?

This may sound crazy but there’s an owner for every single panda that exists in this world. All of them. Who’s that?

Well, if you happen to know which country has Panda as it’s national animal, you’ve probably guessed it by now.

It’s China. Every panda in the world is owned by China. In fact, if you happen to see one outside the country, that’s because it’s on loan! And not only does it own the current panda population, it even owns all future offspring of all pandas! Here’s why: (the article continues after the ad)

During the past 15 years, every time China has sent a panda to a foreign zoo, they have required an agreement with the receiving country that China owns the panda and its offspring. According to the contract, the pandas belong to China and so do any of their offspring. If there are any offspring, they must be returned to China before they turn four years old. The contract also expressly forbids panda cloning research! Click here to see an example of such a contract.

But there are two exceptions.

There are two pandas which are owned by Mexico. Xin Xin and Shuan Shuan. One is a child, and the other is a grandchild, of a pair of pandas given to Mexico in the 1970s. This was before China implemented the “I own all the pandas” policy. But, Mexico has agreed that if these pandas have any offspring, they will belong to China.

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Photo: Cimberley / Pixabay

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