This Is What Happened When Three People Tried To Sell Coca Cola’s Secret Recipe To Pepsi

In 2006, Joya Williams, the secretary of Coca Cola’s global brand director, stole a bottle of a Coke’s secret new product and tried to sell it to Pepsi for a whopping $1.5m!

After stealing the bottle, Williams, along with her two other partners, wrote a letter to Pepsi, under the nickname Dirk, trying to sell the secret recipe. The letter read as follows:

“I have information that’s all classified and extremely confidential, that only a handful of the top execs at my company have seen. I can even provide actual products and packaging of certain products, that no eye has seen, outside of maybe 5 top execs.”

Pepsi’s response was not that of a thief though.

They immediately reported the incident back to Coca-Cola, who called in the FBI. Undercover agents posed as Pepsi executives, pretended to make a deal with the three conspirators which ended up in their red-handed arrest.

Well played Pepsi, well played.

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Photo: Coca-cola

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