Why The Cold War Was Called… Cold War?

Have you ever wondered why the cold war was named… cold war? Was it named like that because “cold Russia” was involved? And why was it called a “war” anyway?

Well, none of these: Cold war was named “Cold War” because there were no physical large-scale conflicts between the 2 parties involved.

Despite the fact that they were allies in WWII, the United States and the Soviet Union had many economical and political differences (communism vs capitalism) during the post-war era. Both tried to establish themselves as superpowers and they were constantly responding to each other’s actions. This included spying, a never-ending arms development, an industrial and technological advancement race, and, of course, the famous competition for the moon. The fact that they avoided any large-scale conflict though, gave this era the nickname Cold War.

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Photo: Carlos3653 / Creative Commons

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