This Is The Difference Between ‘CV’ And ‘Resume’

While both Curriculum Vitae (CVs) and Resumes are used for job applications, they do have some distinct differences. First of all, let’s clear this out: the differences mentioned below only refer to the United States, Canada and Australia as these are the countries that use the word Resume. For the rest of the world, the term CV is the only one used.

So, what’s the difference of a CV and a Resume?

There are three major differences: the length, what’s included and what they are used for. Here’s how it goes: (the article continues after the ad)

1. Length

Curriculum Vitae includes a comprehensive and detailed history of your academic credentials so it’s usually 2-3 pages long. On the other hand, a Resume presents a summary of your credentials, education and skills so it’s considerably shorter, usually 1 page (after all, the word Resume comes form the French word of summary).

2. What’s included

Even though both reflect your working and educational background, they focus on different aspects.

CVs focus on one’s academic background so you should always include your degrees, research, teaching experience, publications, awards and other academic related achievements. In contrast, Resumes focus on working experience, skills and other working related achievements. Yes, of course you’ll add your degrees on a resume but the main focus should be your working experience.

3. What they are used for

CVs are used when seeking academic or high-level positions in an organization. Resumes are used in almost all other job applications. (the article continues after the ad)

This table from University of California, Davis gives us a clear picture of the differences:

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