The Strange Religion Of Diego Maradona That Now Has 200,000 Members

The soccer world (or football depending on which side of the Atlantic you are) has always been divided between two players: Pelé and Maradona. Both have been considered the best players of all time and have millions of die hard fans willing to explain in every detail why their hero is the best player this world has ever met. But some of them have gone a step too far.

Here’s an example.

Diego Armando Maradona, now has his own religion, the “Inglesia Maradoniana” (in english: The Church of Maradona). The religion, which is cleverly named D10S from the Spanish word DIOS which means god and 10 which was Maradona’s number, declares Maradona as their supreme God, the one and only. It may looks like a joke but the religion as of today has more than 200,000 members! (the article continues after the ad)

These members, also called “Maradonianos” even have their own calendar which starts in 1960 (the year Maradona was born) and they are currently in 57AD (yes, AD stands for After Diego). Their goal is to “keep the passion and the magic of the God alive and help people remember the miracles he performed on the football pitch day by day before the eyes of millions of fans.” 

Wait, it gets even more weird. The church has its own Ten Commandments and a “I believe” prayer:

Ten Commandments:
1. The ball does not stain, as D10S said in his tribute match.
2. Love football above all things.
3. Declare your unconditional love for football.
4. Defend the Argentine shirt and respect the people.
5. Spread the words “Diego Maradona” throughout the universe.
6. Praise the temples where he preached and his sacred mantles.
7. Do not proclaim the name Diego on behalf of a single club.
8. Always love the principles of the Church of Maradona.
9. Use Diego as a middle name of your children.
10. Do not escape the turtle.

I believe:
I believe in Diego.
The almighty footballer,
The creator of magic and passion.
I believe in Pelusa, our D10s, our Lord.
He was conceived by the grace of Tota and Don Diego.
He was born in Villa Fiorito,
He suffered under the power of Havelange,
He was crucified, dead and ill treated.
He was suspended from the courts.
They cut off his legs.
But he returned and resurrected.
He will be inside our hearts,
Forever and ever.
I believe in the spirit of football,
The holy Church of Maradona,
The goal against England,
His magic left-foot,
His eternal devotion,
And in an eternal Diego.

How weird is that?

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