Inmate Discovers That The Key Pictured On His Prisoner’s Handbook Is Actually The Prison’s Masterkey

Sometimes you really wonder how dumb can people actually be. Like in the case of convicted murderer Daniel Luther Heiss, who discovered that the design for a key that was printed on the cover of the prisoners’ information handbook that was given to all inmates, was actually the master-key for the entire prison.

Here’s the amazing story.

In 1995, Daniel Heiss, a convicted murderer, was doing his time at the Berrimah Prison in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. One day he noticed that the prisoner’s information handbook he was given when he entered the prison, had a pair of crossed keys on the front. The keys were in the shape of E and, surprisingly, they looked very similar to the ones the guards were carrying for the prison cells. (the article continues after the ad)

Heiss noticed this weird similarity and run to inform his fellow inmate murderer Shane Baker. You see, Baker was a jeweller who was, for some reason, allowed to have jewellery-making equipment in his cell. With those equipment and after several trial and error attempts, Baker make an exact replica of the key and of course, it fitted the lock!

Heiss left a message on his cell that read “This bird has flown” and they both escaped the prison by scaling three razor-wire perimeter fences. Baker was recaptured within a few days but Heiss was on the run for 12 days. 

“The handbooks were taken off the prisoners straightaway and the contractors were called in to change all the locks,” a prison’s official said. But it was too late. The escape caused a huge amount of embarrassment for the authorities.

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