The Different Names Of Donald Duck Throughout The World

The name of Donald Duck has undergone several changes in order to sound familiar to each translated language. And while some of them are similar to the original (Brazilian, Portuguese, Mexican Spanish), some have nothing to do with ‘Donald Duck’ (Danish, Finnish, Italian).

So, from Canada to Scandinavia, here they are the different names of Donald Duck throughout the world:

Brazilian, Portuguese, Mexican Spanish: Pato Donald
Bulgarian: Patoka Donald
Canadian French: Donald le canard
Croatian: Paško Patak (Egmont)
Danish: Anders And
Finnish: Aku Ankka
Hebrew: Donald ha-barvaz
Icelandic: Andrés Önd
Italian: Paperino
Lithuanian: Antulis Donaldas
Swedish: Kalle Anka

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Photos: Disney World
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie

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