How To Use Egg Membranes As Natural Bandage

It may sound a bit weird, but egg membranes can stop bleeding and keeping wounds intact until further medical assistance can be found, researchers say.

A study conducted by the National Institute of Health, found that egg membrane might be an ideal covering for skin in case of a wound. This is because egg membrane has properties of pain relief and wound protection. The idea is that you gently pull the membrane out of the eggshell and apply it to the wound as you would normally do with a bandage. Be sure to pull it carefully after you’ve poured out the egg white and yolk, apply it to the wound and keep pressing it until it hardens. This should be the perfect temporary fix until a medical professional can reach you.

Please note that we don’t, in any case, suggest throwing your box of Band-Aids and use egg membranes as your go-to solution for scrapes and cuts. This lifehack however, may come in handy in time of need. 

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Photo: AAI Clinic

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