The Soccer Field That’s Located Exactly On The Equator So Teams Are Defending One Hemisphere

In Brazil there’s a soccer (football) field that’s way too different than any other soccer field in the world. Why it’s unique? Because it’s located exactly on the Equator. In fact, it’s so precisely placed that each half lies on different hemisphere.

Estádio Milton de Souza Corrêa (formerly known as Zerão), is a soccer stadium in Macapá, Brazil. It’s a multi-purpose stadium but it’s mostly used for soccer matches. The stadium is exactly located on the Equator hence each team defends a different hemisphere!


The former name of the stadium comes from this unique circumstance: Zerão means Big Zero, as in zero latitude.

Photo: VaLendo Brasil

How awesome is that?

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Sources: This football stadium in Brazil is located exactly on the Equator | Estádio Milton de Souza Corrêa (Zerão)

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