Why Was Frank Sinatra Buried With 10 Dimes In His Pocket?

In an interview to CNN’s “Larry King Live”, Frank Sinatra’s daughter Tina Sinatra, revealed that her father was buried with some of his favorite things: a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, a Zippo lighter, a pack of Camel cigarettes and… 10 dimes!

OK. Jack, Camels and Zippo (kind of) make sense, but why 10 dimes?

Well, as it turns out, it all has to do with the kidnapping of his son, Frankie Sinatra Jr.. Here’s the interesting story. (the article continues after the ad)

On December 8, 1963 Frankie Sinatra Jr., who was 19 at the time, was kidnapped by three men while staying at a hotel in Stateline, Nevada. The kidnappers demanded $240,000 and one important condition was that all communication should be conducted by payphone. Because during these conversations Frank Sinatra feared that he would run out of change, he always carried 10 dimes in his pocket throughout his life.

That’s why, on his final journey, his children slipped 10 dimes into his pocket, so he would never have to worry about not having change to talk on the payphone.

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Main Article Photo: Ted Allan / Capitol Archives, BGASC.com
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