Why Does Glass Bottled Coke Taste Better?

Even though it’s the exact same recipe and despite Coca-Cola’s efforts to convince us that taste is the same regardless of packaging, i think most of us would agree that glass bottled Coke just… taste better.

But have you ever wondered why? I mean, how is that even possible?

Well, according to Sara Risch, a food chemist and member of the Institute of Food Technologists, yes, bottle Coke does taste better and it’s because packaging does affect taste. Here’s how it goes. (the article continues after the ad)

It all has to do with how the soda interacts with the package. “While packaging and food companies work to prevent any interactions, they can occur,” she says. Take the aluminum cans for example. The polymer coating that’s on the inside of the can absorbs soluble flavor from the soda. It might be a small amount, but it still affects the original flavor. The same thing happens with plastic bottles: acetaldehyde migrates into the soda and slightly alters the taste giving it a bit of a plasticy aftertaste”. 

The reason why glass bottled Coke is not affected, is because glass is the most inert material Coke is served in, thus soda keeps its original taste. Of course, other factors may alter the flavor (such as exposure to light, storage conditions etc), but, whatever the case, glass bottled Coke is your best bet for the purest, unaltered Coca-Cola taste.

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