Lifehack: How To Hear What Your Voice Sounds Like To Other People With Just Two File Folders

I remember hearing my recorded voice for the first time. I immediately wanted to apologize to anyone i spoke throughout my lifetime. It had absolutely nothing to do with how i believed my voice sounded like. Of course, soon i realized that it wasn’t just me – everyone’s voice sounds differently to others.

This is because when you hear your own voice, you are basically hearing the sound directly from the source: as it comes out of your mouth, travels at the side of your face and goes right into your ears. In addition, we get some inner vibration both in our ears and in our head. But other people don’t hear that. They just hear the reflection of your voice as it reverberates in a room.

So, what if you wanted to replicate the way other people hear you without a recording device? You know it makes sense for all of us I’m A Useless Info Junkies so here’s a quick trick by vocal coach Chris Beatty that will help you achieve that. (the article continues after the ad)

Apparently, all you need is something as simple as a file folder, a magazine or a book to use as a sound deflector (you can use your hands, but it won’t work as well). Take two of them and place them up in front of your ears sticking out from the side of your head. That will block the sound from your mouth to “climb” up directly into your ears and you will only hear your voice as it goes around the room, affected by temperature and humidity, deflected multiple times and then come into your ear. This is the actual voice other people hear when you talk.

Here’s a video with Chris Beatty explaining the technique:

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Photo: Screenshot from Chris Beatty’s YouTube channel
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie
Sources: What Does YOUR VOICE Sound Like To Others?

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