To Make Sure They Didn’t Kill Themselves, Hell Kitchen’s Eliminated Contestants Got A Special Treatment

Hell’s Kitchen is not for everyone. Abusive chef Gordon Ramsay yelling at people, a lot of stress, strict timetables and a room for no mistake make the series… sizzle. To get a better look of behind-the-scenes, the New York Post has actually talked to one of the young chefs that has been on the show and his interview is quite interesting.

After talking about the usual stuff, like for example, camera’s being everywhere, the fact that computers and phones are strictly off limits to contestants and that the restaurant is not an actual restaurant but a soundstage in California, he was then asked about the elimination process. And it’s that answer that caught our eyes.

As it turns out, after being eliminated from the show, contestants are immediately taken for psychiatric evaluations and then to a house where they are pampered with back rubs, haircuts and manicures. This is because the experience on the show is so draining that the producers don’t want the eliminated contestants to kill themselves or someone else. They call it a post-show rehab and it’s basically a decompression period before you go back into society.

Now that has to be a tough experience!

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Main Article Photo: FOX
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Sources: ‘Hell’s Kitchen’: Therapists, bodyguards, bad meals

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