The Surprising Origin Of Why Horseshoes Are Considered To Be Lucky

Horseshoes have been a symbol of luck in pretty much every country in which there have been horses. Well, just like the article on Why A Rabbit’s Foot Is Considered So Lucky?today we unveil the interesting story behind this indeed, weird association.

Here’s how it goes.

Even though this superstition dates back to an era when iron was believed to possess supernatural qualities due to its enormous strength that made it perfect for use in weaponry, the traditional explanation as to why did horseshoes get so lucky can be found in a 10th century folklore tale. (the article continues after the ad) 

The legend has it that Saint Dunstan, who was a blacksmith before becoming the archbishop of Canterbury, was one day visited by Satan who wanted to buy horseshoes for his cloven hooves. Because St. Dunstan immediately recognized the devil, he told him that in order to put him the horseshoes on, he would have to shackled him to the wall. Once Satan was securely constrained, he made the nailing on one of the shoes so painful that made the devil cry for mercy. St. Dunstan said that he would only release him if he promised to leave and never enter a Christian home again. The devil agreed with this condition but asked how would be able to identify such a house. St. Dunstan, raised up a horseshoe a called that the sign. People would hung it outside their door, he said, so you know.

And that’s why even today, people hung horseshoes outside their doors as a sign of good luck.

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