How Do Blind People Know When To Stop Wiping?

If you ask a blind person what are the things he or she gets asked more often, the question “how could you tell when to stop wiping after number 2” will always be mentioned. But it’s an honest question. All of us rely on our vision to check if we’ve wiped enough when going to the bathroom, so how do blind people manage this?

OK, to begin with, the vast majority of the world’s population uses water to clean, rather than starting with toilet paper. With something like a bidet with reasonable pressure, you just spray for a bit and use toilet paper to dry – it’s clean every time on the first wipe.

But what about the blind who do use toilet paper? (the article continues after the ad)

The answer is simple: they just keep wiping till they’re sure they are clean. Yes, they can be obsessively thorough about it, but it’s not really that hard. The simply rely on tactile response.

As long as you’re not using some crazy-ultra soft, practically lubed, toilet paper to wipe, it’s generally not too difficult to tell when you’re clean based on how it feels. Essentially you just pay attention to how easily (or not) toilet paper slides across your backside – rougher glide = more clean. And once you’re getting close to being clean, thanks to how extremely sensitive orifice is, detecting when it’s fully free of any objectionable matter isn’t difficult.

The next times you go to the toilet, really pay attention to how things feel back and try to predict when you’re clean. You’ll be amazed how easy it really is with very little practice.

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