Why Hungarian Heraldry Has So Many Severed Heads?

Even though Hungarian heraldry is pretty much based on the German heraldry in terms of its artistic forms, it’s much more brutal and “bloody”. Yes, you’ll find the usual arms with divisions of shields, crosses and helmets, but you’ll also find animals pierced by arrows, animals attacking other animals or even disembodied arms.

But hands down the creepiest part are the severed heads.

A whopping 15 percent of the Hungarian personal coat of arms carries the severed head of a Turk. In all cases, the head is represented by a turban and a black moustache so people can… understand that it belongs to a Turk! In some cases, there’s also blood dripping from the neck. (the article continues after the ad)

These representations are of course, inspired by the numerous Turkish invasions of Hungary from 1540 and onwards. Hungary was under the Ottoman empire from 1541 until 1699 and, during these 158 years, there have been numerous atrocities against the Hungarian people. These constant wars as well as the famines and plagues that were caused by the Turks created greated hatred that is reflected in the heraldry.

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Sources: Hungarian HeraldryHungarian Heraldry

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