The Time Kodak Invented The Digital Camera But Rejected The Whole Project

This may come as a surprise to most people but the company who invented digital camera was Kodak, back in 1975.

Steve Sasson, a Kodak employee, invented digital camera in 1975.

At the time, this new camera needed 23 seconds to capture the image to a tape which was then connected to tv for a 100×100 pixels black and white picture. But, when Steve Sasson, the Kodak employee who was behind the invention, showed his bosses this new discovery, they weren’t impressed at all. In fact, in fear of cannibalising their films sales, they stated: (the article continues after the ad)

“No one would ever want to watch their pictures on a tv set”, and rejected the whole project.

The product was patented though and, up until 2007, when the patent ran out, Kodak made billions out of the digital camera industry.

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Photo: DIY Photography, Boston Public Library / Flickr

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