The Interesting Reason Why Men’s Clothes Have Buttons On The Right While Women’s Clothes Have Buttons On The Left

This might be the most weird fashion thing we stumble upon every single day, but few of us actually wonder why do men’s and women’s clothing have buttons on opposite sides.

What? You didn’t notice? Well, yes: to the person wearing them, men’s shirts have buttons on the right and women’s on the left. So, we decided to look into it and it’s quite an interesting story.

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To better understand this weird tradition, we first need to address why men’s buttons are on the right. That is because it’s easier for right-handed people to push the buttons through the hole with their right hand. And since most people are right-handed, men’s clothes were made with the buttons on the right. Makes sense, right?

Of course, it does. But what about women? Most women are also right-handed so why does women’s clothing have buttons on the left?


Back when buttons were first invented during the 13th century, they were quire expensive and therefore they were used mainly by the wealthy. Because wealthy women didn’t dress themselves but were dressed by maids, dressmakers added the buttons on the left hand-side which actually was the maid’s right-hand side when facing the woman that was getting dressed. That way, just like men’s clothing, it was easier for the maid to push the buttons through the hole with her right hand.

As years went by and buttons became less expensive, the buttons remained on the left so that the masses could mimic the wealthy (remember when we talked about Why Do Americans And British Have Different Accents? or The Interesting Story Of High Heels And How They Were Originally Meant For Men?). And that is why, even today, we have a button differential tradition between men and women.

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