The Story Of ‘Mike’, The Chicken That Lived For 18 Months Without Its Head

In 1945, farmer Lloyd Olsen from Colorado, United States, beheaded a chicken so he could have it for dinner with his family. But, even though the axe removed the bird’s head, it surprisingly missed the jugular vein and the brain stem, hence leaving the bird headless but alive.

Here’s the weird story of Mike, the headless chicken.

When Olsen realised that, he decided to care for the bird. He named it Mike and fed it with milk and water (via an eyedropper) and corn. Mike was able to balance and walk and went on to live for… 18 months without its head! Lloyd Olsen started touring with the headless chicken and Mike was even photographed and pictured in Time and Life magazines. (the article continues after the ad)

Mike was also put on display to the public for a cost of twenty-five cents. At the height of his popularity, the chicken’s owner earned $4,500 per month (roughly $47,800 in today’s money)!

It eventually died in 1947 when travelling back from a tour.

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Photo: BBC

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