The Reason Nutella Was Invented To Solve A World War II Problem

A lot of people are not aware of this, but our favorite chocolate spread was nothing more than a clever solution to a tricky problem: the lack of cocoa supplies after World War II.

Here’s the story.

After WWII, chocolate became quite expensive and scarce. Because of that, Pietro Ferrero, created a new chocolate that contained way less chocolate than his previous products: its sweet paste was made from hazelnuts, sugar and a bit of that rare cocoa. He gave it the shape of a loaf in order to be sliced and served on bread. The name of the new product was ‘Giandujot’ which was actually a local carnival character. The name was changed to ‘Nutella’ in 1964. Here’s the original packaging of Giandujot and the first store of the Ferrero Company: (the article continues after the ad)

Photo: Ferrero Rocher

Who would have thought, huh?

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Photos: PPcorn, Nutella

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