10 Amazing Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

I don’t think that there’s someone out there you doesn’t like optical illusions. I mean, what’s not to like? They are cool, awesome and fun to share with your friends and family. So, without further ado, here they are, the 10 most amazing optical illusions that will blow your mind:

10. Flashed Face Distortion Effect

Concentrate on the cross in the middle of the image and you will notice that some of the faces will begin to appear highly deformed and grotesque. If you look at those “ugly faces” individually, each of them will again appear normal and attractive. This is the “Flashed Face Distortion Effect”:Flashed Face Distortion Effect

9. Boy or Girl?

boy or girl illusion
Is this a boy or a girl? Most people will say that the left image is that of a female and the right is that of a male. The truth is that this picture was created on a computer by mixing male and female face features. The only difference lies in contrast. With a change in contrast, our brain recognizes the face on the left as being a female one, while on the second photo, where contrast is higher, our brain recognizes it to be a male’s face.

8. Static Motion

This is not a video, a gif or a moving picture of any kind. This is a still picture. If you don’t concentrate anywhere and you see the picture as a whole, it appears to be moving. If you focus on each of the blue oval shapes the picture will stop moving:
static motion illusion

7. The 3 Pretty Women

If we have this picture turned upside down it looks like three pretty women, ain’t it?:

But the truth is revealed when we turn it the other way:

6. Headache inducing spiral illusion

What are looking at here? Most people will say that this is a spiral:

But it’s not. These are just concentric circles:

5. Checker shadow illusion illusion

Which square is darker? A or B?:

Both squares are the same colour. Because of the green cylinder’s shadow and the fact that A is surrounded by lighter colour squares while B is surrounded by darker colour squares gives us the impression that A is darker than B:

4. The Lilac Chaser

If you stare at the cross for about 5 seconds or so:
– A gap running around the circle of lilac discs;
– A green disc running around the circle of lilac discs in place of the gap;
– The green disc running around on the grey background, with the lilac discs having disappeared in sequence

3. Motion Induced Blindness

If you stare at the green dot in the middle all of sudden the yellow dots will start disappearing, some of them will appear again and then disappear and so on:

2. Spinning dancer

Is the dancer spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise. Some observers initially see the figure as spinning clockwise (viewed from above) and some counterclockwise.:

1. Negative image illusion

Focus for 20 seconds in the red dot that’s in the nose of the woman. Then, just look at a white wall and you will see the image in full colour (don’t worry, we chose a cutie for you):

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