Are You One Of Those Who Are Immune To Pepper Spray?

According to Officers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, some like it hot! And when i say hot, i mean, pepper spray hot.

Policemen are now advising us that pepper spray, you know, that mixture of cayenne pepper and OC oils that hurts like hell when thrown to you, is less effective against people who eat spicy food since their childhood!

“The people it doesn’t affect are people who have consumed cayenne pepper from the time they are small children, and this generally breaks into ethnic categories,” said Frank Gutoski, an instructor at Cambridge police academy. “Mexican tend to be pickers, Cajuns, Pakistani, Indian, what happens is that OC is effective for a much shorter time.” And this is also confirmed by a police spokesman: (the article continues after the ad)

Frank Pasquarello, Cambridge city’s police department spokesman, said: Pepper spray is less effective against people from these ethnic groups. Don’t get us wrong. We are teaching the police Academy based on information we’ve received. We’ve never been given any classes that say people from certain ethnic groups should be sprayed longer than others. You don’t give a longer dose to someone who is Mexican, Latin American or Chinese. We are just stating a fact here.”

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Photo: Defense Express

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