The Unbelievable Somali Pirates Stock Exchange System That Lets You Invest In Heists

A stock exchange system exists with pirates in Somalia. Locals can invest in a pirate group and after a successful heist, will receive a reward.

This stock exchange takes place in Somalia’s main pirate lair of Haradheere. Sea gangs operate a cooperative in order to fund their hijackings and make tens of millions of dollars. This business pays so well that has attracted financiers not only from Somalia, but from other nations as well.

The shares are open and everybody can take part. Some investors personally join the hijackings at sea while others provide cash, weapons or useful materials on land. It’s basically an active, piracy community! In one instance, a 22-year old woman gave an RPG-7 to a pirate group and ended up receiving $75,000. (the article continues after the ad)

In fact, the stock exchange is so successful that Haradheere, which used to be a small fishing village, has been turned into a bustling town with luxury cars and a high standard of living (at least for those willing to invest into piracy).

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Main Article Photo: Wikimedia, PxHere
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