The Unbelievable Origins Of Why It Was Originally Considered Rude To Point At People

How many times have you been told by your parents that you mustn’t point at people? Chances are quite a few, right? But have you ever wondered why it’s OK to point at things and animals but you should never point at someone?

Well, we looked into it and as it turns out, the origin of this ‘rule’ is quite fascinating to say the least.

You would be surprised to know that the origins of why pointing became to considered rude date back to the primitive days. During ancient times, pointing the finger to someone was originally considered that you were casting a magical curse on the other person – you were administering a hex. You might of course, got a reply with an evil eye, but the person pointing the finger is the one thought to be ‘attacking’ the other person. As years went by, the tradition stuck and that’s why, even today, most cultures have the unwritten “stop pointing” rule.

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Sources: Point of Etiquette

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