Why Do Police Officers Touch A Tail Light When They Pull You Over?

It’s something that we don’t frequently see nowadays, but up until a few years ago, when you were pulled over by a police officer in the US, they would have touched a tail light as they were approaching. Just like in the picture of this article.

But have you ever wondered why? Why do they need to touch a tail light and if it’s so important, why do they rarely do it anymore?

Well, you knowledge-thirsty, useless info junkie, it’s time to find out. (the article continues after the ad)

The main reason for this indeed weird practice, is for the police officers to leave their fingerprints on it. This is done in order to secure proof that the officer did pulled over and approached the subject vehicle in case he or she find themselves in a dangerous situation. This fingerprint evidence, will lead investigators to connect the owner of the car with the incident and it’s a safety precaution that has been practiced by police officers, especially in the country, for decades. So, why you don’t see it as often anymore?

Well, because nowadays almost all police cars have cameras and recording devices are installed on almost every corner of the road, the practice of police officers touching a tail light as they approach has been set aside.

So now you know!

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Photo: OC Sheriff / YouTube
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie
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