Potato Chips Were Invented By A Complaining Customer And An Angry Chef

Most people don’t know this but potato chips are yet another accidental invention.

The story dates back to 1853 when George Crum was working as a chef in the Cary Moon, a restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York. One hot, summer day, a customer stepped into the restaurant and ordered the restaurant’s well known Moon’s Fried Potatoes. Crum prepared the potatoes and served them as he would normally do but the customer complained that they were incredibly thick. Crum created another batch, thinner this time, but the customer again complained that the thickness weren’t to his liking.

The third time, Crum, who started to get angry with the annoying customer, did his best to cut the potatoes paper-thin, deep fried them so long that they became hard and crispy, and then salted them heavily. The idea was to make the potatoes taste awful that they would become inedible. But, to his surprise, when he served them, the customer he was delighted! The fries became known as the “Saratoga Chip” and the potato chip was born!

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Photos: Look and Learn, Hans / Pixabay

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