What Do The Rings On The Red Party Cup Indicate (And How It Became The Go-To Cup For Parties)

The big, red plastic Solo cup is so synonymous with parties, that more often than not, we refer to it as the red party cup. One of the most distinct features of this cup (besides it’s classic white lip line), is the rings it has along the outside. But did you know that these rings, besides offering a better grip, are there to indicate measurements?

Before going into that though, let’s see how the red cup became the cup of choice for parties.

It all started in the 1970s, when Solo, a company who had been making paper cups at the time, decided to create a plastic cup for outdoor events. The goal was to create a large cup that would have been as sturdy as possible. To offer a reliable hold, Solo added rings on the outside that gave the cup its iconic design. The cup was released and it was an instant hit. It was the first plastic cup at the time that could hold a pint of beer, and even had room for the foam. Soon enough, the cup became the vessel of choice for all sorts of events; from picnics, to barbecues, to concerts and parties. (the article continues after the ad)

But people started noticing that the rings on the outside were not just there for design purposes but they actually had a use. They were measurements for different types of alcohol: 1 oz (30ml) for spirit shots, 5 oz (150ml) for wine and 12oz (360ml) for beer:

Photo: Gizmodo

The most weird thing though is that, even though the rings can be used for exact liquid measurements, Solo never intended to have them used this way! So much so that in 2009, it got rid of the rings for a new design that supposedly offers a more economic grip:

Photo: Amazon

So, even though Solo does not officially backup the ring measurements, you now know that you can use them as a convenient gauge when pouring alcohol.

BONUS FACT: The Solo cup actually comes in 12 different colors. To decide on the colors, the creator of the cup, Robert Hulseman, asked the help of his children. His favorite color was blue but red outsells all the other colors combined.

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Main Article Photo: mirandableijenberg / Pixabay
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie
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