This 3-Step Method Will Help You Never Forget A Name

Mark Channon, one of the first International Grand Masters of Memory, reveals the technique he was taught back in the 1990s when he was working at a bar in London, that helped him remember customer’s names and drinks even during the busiest nights.

1. Pay attention when someone tells you their name

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It may sound obvious but people are so wrapped up in their own thoughts sometimes, they don’t even listen when someone tells them their name. Make sure you focus and pay attention when someone is introduced to you.

2. Give the name you’ve just heard a meaning 

Photo: Memorize Academy

After you listen the name, you have to visualise it. Make a visual with what the name makes you think of. For example, if you just met Matt, perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is a doormat. (the article continues after the ad)

Usually, the easiest way of doing so is by relating the visual to the way the name sounds.

3. Choose the person’s most distinctive facial feature

Photo: Memorize Academy

The third and last step is to connect the visual you just created with the person’s appearance. In the above example, let’s say that Matt has a big nose. The easiest way to associate Matt’s big nose with a doormat is perhaps by visualising a big goofy nose sitting on a doormat.

By following this method you’ve just created a picture (a big goofy nose sitting on a doormat) that’s unique for Matt. This visual is so strong and, by recalling it, it will help you never forget Matt’s name regardless if you meet him often or not.

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Source: BBC

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