These Are Not Graffiti: The 10 Most Amazing Works Of REVERSE Graffiti

What you see here is not graffiti, it’s reverse graffiti and, as the title reveals, it’s the exact opposite of graffiti.

Instead of using spray cans, some artists create semi-permanent images on walls or other surfaces by removing dirt from a surface, known as reverse graffiti or clean tagging.

Here’s 10 amazing works of reverse graffiti: (the article continues after the ad)

10. Reverse Graffiti Project, San Francisco.

9. Scott Wade: Einstein Reverse Graffiti on Car.

8. Scott Wade: Mona Lisa Reverse Graffiti on Car.

7. Scott Wade: Ronaldinho Reverse Graffiti on Car.

6. Scott Wade: Poker Dogs Reverse Graffiti on Car.

5. Alexandre Orion – Skulls in Sao Paolo.

4. Reverse Graffiti on the Truck.

3. Reverse Graffiti on the Truck.

2. London Skyline by Moose.

1. Reverse Graffiti of Chairs.

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Main Article Photos: Gas2, Ravenambition’s Aspergers Blog –
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