The City Of Dallas, TX Has Lost Every Single One Of 82 Court Cases Against This Man

The city of Dallas is desperately trying for decades to get Robert Groden, behind bars but, as of today, the’ve failed to do so for a whopping 82 times!

Groden, a JFK assassination expert, sells books, magazines and videos of the assassination on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza downtown, the place where the late president was murdered in 1963. But, it’s obvious that some people don’t want him there. In fact, to make him go away, the city has engaged in a decades long war against him but, for 82 times the court’s decisions was the same: Robert Groden didn’t break any law.

But, oh boy, they try again and again. They once ticketed him for selling books and magazines without a license. The only problem is that the city ordinance says you don’t need to have a license to sell books and magazines. They ticketed him for selling in a park, even though Dealey Plaza isn’t a park. Every single time a different excuse, every single time the same decision: “he’s not doing something that is against the law.”(the article continues after the ad)

The situation is stupidly weird to say the least. I mean, how much respect can the city of Dallas command for itself when it knowingly engages in a decades long persecution not based on a law?

We live in a strange world folks.

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