The Amazing Suggestion Of A Harvard Professor For Nuclear War Prevention

A lot of proposals have come to the table regarding the prevention of a nuclear war but nothing beats the suggestion of Harvard professor, Roger Fisher.

Published in the March 1981 issue of the scientific mag Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, he attempted to make people who have their hands on the button, have a… personal stake in it.

His suggestion was weird but somehow makes sense. (the article continues after the ad)

He proposed implanting the launch codes needed to fire the nuclear weapons in a volunteer that would accompany the President to the vault. That way, if the President wanted to detonate the weapons, he would have to kill an innocent person to get the codes.

My suggestion was quite simple: Put that needed code number in a little capsule, and then implant that capsule right next to the heart of a volunteer. The volunteer would carry with him a big, heavy butcher knife as he accompanied the President. If ever the President wanted to fire nuclear weapons, the only way he could do so would be for him first, with his own hands, to kill one human being. The President says, “George, I’m sorry but tens of millions must die.” He has to look at someone and realize what death is—what an innocent death is. Blood on the White House carpet. It’s reality brought home.

The Pentagon rejected the idea fearing that having to kill someone, might distort the President’s judgement and would not go through if necessary. 

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Photo: WikimediaGage Skidmore / Flickr
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie
Sources: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

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