This Is Why Some Products Have The Royal Coat Of Arms Printed On Their Label

Have you ever noticed that certain products have the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom printed on their label? Well, i certainly did but to be honest, i’ve never really pay that much of attention.

You see, I’ve always assumed that it was a marketing thing – just a small design touch to showcase the origin of the product, just like “Made in the UK” but in a more elegant, British way.

Little did i know though that in order for brands to be allowed to have the Royal coat of arms, a special permission is given by the Monarch. Here’s how this goes. (the article continues after the ad)

Companies that supply their goods or services to the Royal Family for at least five (5) years and have an ongoing trading agreement can apply for a Royal Warrant – a document that allows them to have the relevant Royal Arms next to their logo:

Photo: Royal Warrant Holders Association

These Royal Warrants are granted either by the HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales. In fact, the Royal arms crest used on the label is based on the grantor:

Photo: Royal Warrant Holders Association

As of April 2018, there are 806 companies that are given a Royal Warrant: 612 of them were appointed by HM The Queen, 34 by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and 160 by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Famous brands include Jaguar Land Rover, Tanqueray Gordon, Bendicks, Heinz and many many more. For a full list you can search the Royal Warrant Holders Association.

There is a Royal Household Warrants Committee that reviews all Royal Warrants in the year before they are due to expire. If the product or service is considered to be insufficient, the Warrant may not be renewed. If on the other hand, the grantee dies, leaves or sells the business and/or the company goes bankrupt, the Warrant is reviewed.

And now you know!

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Photo:  Hans / PixabayMiddle Class MonarchsUKGoods
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