How Did The Royal Family Of Saudi Arabia End Up Having 10,000 Princess And Princesses?

The royal family of Saudi Arabia has around 10,000 princess and princesses.

That is because Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud, a direct descendent of the House of Saud, cemented alliances by marrying a daughter of every tribal chief in his realm, producing 45 legitimate sons and having at least 22 wives.

Since then, every Saudi king has been a son of Abd al- Aziz. The number of his daughters is not known – they were not counted(!) – but are estimated to be more than 50. Though many of his contemporaries regarded his practice of polygamy as excessive, it was continued and surpassed by his son, King Saud, who had 53 sons and at least 54 daughters. The descendents of King Abd al-Aziz now number in thousands, many of whom hold important government positions.

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Photo: Saudi Arabia Press/AP

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