Why Do Canadians Say “Mush” To Make Their Sled Dogs Move?

When Canadians want to make their sled dogs go they say “mush”, something that gave them the name “mushers”. But have you ever wondered where does this expression come from?

Here’s how it goes.

Mush comes from the French “marchons” which means “march”. When French-speaking Canadians wanted to get their sled dogs moving, it was common to use this command. When English-speaking drivers started to use the same expression, they mispronounced is “mushon” which later became “mush”. (the article continues after the ad)

The truth is that “mush” is no longer used by the mushers as they tend to prefer more distinctive commands such as “hike”, “all right” or even “OK”.

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Photo: badamczak80 / Pixabay
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Sources: Ever Wonder Why?: Here Are the Answers!

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