The Reason Why Steve Jobs’ Mercedes Never Had A License Plate

Here’s a question for you: what was Steve Jobs’ license plate? No matter how hard you try, i mean, even if you had access to the DMV database, you still wouldn’t have found the answer. And the reason is simple: Steve Jobs was known for driving his Mercedes SL55 AMG without a license plate.

Several theories have emerged as to how he was able to do so. Some people suggest that he was given a special permit, others that he was willing to pay the fine every time he was confronted by the police.

None of these. the answer is much more “sneakier” than that. (the article continues after the ad)

Steve Jobs was able to drive a tagless Mercedes because he found a loophole in the California vehicle laws. You see, in California anyone with a brand new car is given a maximum of 6 months in order to attach the issued number plate on to the vehicle. So Jobs called a leasing company and made a simple arrangement: every six months they would exchange his silver Mercedes SL55 AMG with an identical one. Therefore, at any given time, Steve’s car was less than 6-months old and thus he was not obliged to fit the license plates.

That was a good thing for the leasing company as well – selling two Mercedes a year with the previous driver being Steve Jobs? I call that a win-win situation.


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Photo: Wikimedia
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie
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