That Time Angry Customers Sued Subway Because Their Footlong Sandwiches Were 11 Inches

In early 2015, a weird thing started trending on Twitter: people pulled out their rulers and measuring tapes and placed them next to their allegedly, footlong Subway sandwiches. The result? Footlong sandwiches were not a foot long, they were an inch shy!

Those pictures of course, went viral and soon enough, a kind of an online anti-fraud movement was formed:

Here’s another one:

But some angry customers decided to push things a little further and actually sued Subway for selling these 11, instead of 12 inch sandwiches.

The case was settled a year later, in early 2016, after Subway proposed a settlement to pay $1,000 to all 10 plaintiffs as well as half a million dollars in attorney’s fees. In addition, the settlement proposal included a promise that future footlong sandwich will in fact be a foot long and not just 11 inches!

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Photos: NASA, Vanity Fair
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie

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