How A Suicide Bomber Was Blown Up Prematurely By A Spam SMS Message

Black widow suicide squad are a group of Islamist Chechen female suicide bombers, who have conducted several suicide missions in Russia. In New Year’s Eve 2013, a member of this group planned to detonate explosives in Moscow’s central square, the Red Square. The plan was to set off the explosives remotely with a phone, but… her wireless carrier had other plans.

Usually, in these cases, phones are kept turned off until the very last minute. Then, a “handler” who is watching from a distance, sends a text message to set off to detonate the explosives when the suicide bomber enters the designated area.

In this case though, the bomber turned on the phone earlier. The problem is that it was January 31 and the wireless carrier sends “New Year” messages to all its subscribers causing it to go off earlier than planned, instantly killing the suicide bomber but not harming others! The explosion took place at a safe house in Moscow.

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Main Article Photos: Uroš / Wikimedia, Bernard Gagnon / Wikimedia
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Source: Suicide bomber blown up prematurely by spam text | Black Widow attempted New Year Moscow attack but blew herself up by mistake

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