How Super Mario Got Its Name And Italian Heritage From A Real Man

Super Mario got its name and Italian heritage after a real man, Mario Segale.

Here’s the story.

Mario Segale was an Italian heritage real estate developer in Tukwila, Washington. Segale was renting out a warehouse that served as the headquarters of Nintendo US back in the 1980s. During that time, Nintendo was preparing the US launch of Donkey Kong with one of the characters being Jumpman (the character later named Mario). When Segale visited the warehouse, Nintendo’s then President Minoru Arakawa, noticed some physical similarities between the short, dark-haired protagonist and the landlord. So the crew nicknamed Jumpman as… Mario – a nickname that eventually stuck. Thanks to we even have a picture of the guy: (the article continues after the ad)


What do you think? Does he remind you of Mario?

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Main Article Photo:, Mike Bird / Pexels

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