Here’s What Happens When You Fail Your Driving Test In Switzerland

In most countries failing your practical driving test is not a big deal; you just give it another try until you pass, right?

Not in Switzerland though.

If you happen to move to Switzerland, it’s important to remember that those living there for more than a year, will need to exchange their driving licence for a Swiss one. And as in all countries, you will have to pass a practical driving test. But what happens when you fail the exam? (the article continues after the ad)

According to a Swiss law, if you fail the practical driver’s license test three times, you are required to consult an official psychologist to assess the reasons for your previous failures before you are allowed to retake the exam! Once the psychologist reports that you are once again ready to take the exam, you can retry.

Now that’s a weird law, isn’t it?

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Photo: Oregon Department of Transportation / Flickr

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