This Is North Korea’s Brutal “Three Generation Punishment”

Even though we’ve used to all kinds of brutalities made by the North Korean authorities, this one is unheard of. If what Shin Dong-hyuk confesses is true, North Koreans can be sentenced to “Three Generations of Punishment”, meaning that the person who committed the crime and three generations of his/her family would be imprisoned to Camp 14!

Very little is known about Camp 14 other than it’s located around 50 miles from North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang. The reason we know very little about it is because once you get in, you won’t get out. It is believed that some 150,000 people are currently living in this modern day concentration camp in ferocious conditions.

Shin Dong-hyuk, a 34-year old man who was born in Camp 14 because of this “Three Generation punishment”, is the only known prisoner ever to escape. (the article continues after the ad)

Here’s his breathtaking story on Anderson Cooper’s 60 minutes:

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Sources: North Korean Prisoner Escape After 23 Brutal Years

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