What Were People Eating On The Titanic? Menu Reveals What Was Served In First, Second And Third Class

RMS Titanic is still considered by many people the most luxurious ship ever to be built. And that means that whether you were a first, a second or a third class passenger, you had to pay quite a sum to get on board (first class ticket was around $61,000 in today’s money).

Therefore, one would assume that the menu served on the doomed liner, had to reflect that price, right? Well, according to the menus that survived the sinking, it definitely did!

Here are the menus served on Titanic’s restaurants; you know just like this one we’ve talked about in our previous article on Titanic In Color: Amazing Colorized Pictures Show The Luxury And Elegance Of Doomed Liner. (the article continues after the ad)


Photo: Public Domain


Photo: pubblicato su < Calandari d’ra Famiglia Bosina par ur 2010 > / Public Domain
Photo: Public Domain


Photo: GettyImages

That may not seem impressive at first but you should remember that we’re talking about 1912 here; things like (any kind of) meat, salmon mayonnaise and roquefort cheese were luxury foods at the time and definitely not available to the everyday consumer.

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Photo:  Unknown author / Public DomainTitanic crew / Public Domain, pubblicato su < Calandari d’ra Famiglia Bosina par ur 2010 > / Public Domain
Photoshop: I’m A Useless Info Junkie
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